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Findlay City Schools Strives To Be Fiscally Responsible


Findlay City Schools created $1.1 million dollars in savings by consolidating from 3 middle schools to 2

Right-Sizing Our Staff

Findlay City Schools has reduced teachers and administration staff based on enrollment

Energy Savings

Findlay City Schools is generating significant savings by implementing energy-saving programs in our buildings

Insurance Savings

Teachers and staff have been asked to pay more for their insurance costs. They agreed to do so

Findlay City Schools Fast Facts


The Findlay City Schools operating levy is NOT a permanent levy and is for 5-years ONLY.


Did you know that Findlay City Schools receives $2000 LESS a year in local dollars per student than in similar-sized districts?


This operating levy will cost a homeowner $17.21 a month per $100,000 of home value.


Did you know that Findlay City Schools hasn’t received additional operating dollars since 2004? That is nearly 16 years – while similar-sized districts have received additional operating dollars on average every 8 years.

Challenges Findlay City Schools Faces

reduced funding

Reduced Funding

Funding and grants continue to decline from state and federal agencies

Increased Costs

Increased daily operating costs, from utilities to building maintenance have impacted our finances

State Mandates

State Mandates

State mandates requiring certain support staff and classes that continue to cut deeper into our budget

Advanced Education

Advanced Education

In order to ensure our kids can compete with other kids nationally, we have invested in advanced education and workforce opportunities